Farming Futures Slots

Farming Futures is a game about the farm but this farm is different. The cows wear lipstick and the pigs chase the ducks for companionship. This slots game is also different in that it has 7 reels and nine paylines, most video slots are with just 5 paylines. Players can try out this game in the fun mode before placing real money bets of up to $90 per spin. The player may choose different coin sizes based on the many different coin options that are offered. The player can choose from $0.01 up to $10 per coin size.

The Funny Farmer and His Rewards

This game does not include any wilds or scatters and there are no bonus features. The highest paying symbol is the farmer and he awards players 2500 coins when all seven of the reels are filled with farmers on a payline, with six farmers the player wins 1000 coins , five of the farmers rewards players with 500 coins, four of the farmers rewards players with 200 coins and one farmer rewards players with 50 coins. There is not much else to the game apart from the comical farm animals that include cows, ducks goats, horses and pigs and of course there is the all important farmer.