Instant Play

Liberty Slots Casino

Instant Play is not a term that every one is familiar with but they should be. The instant play casino is one that does not require any downloading to the computer. The instant play casino is accessed directly from the web browser of the casino and the player is immediately connected to the casino and the games. Players of course need to join the instant play casino just as they would the downloaded casino. But once joined the player is privy to many excellent casino games and of course the promotions and secure banking options. Players are able to access the instant play casino from any computer as long as they remember their user name and password.

All the Benefits and Ease of Enjoying the Liberty Slots Mobile Casino

Choosing and joining a casino is not just about the games although these are a very important part of playing at the casino, but it is also about everything else that the casino provides and offers. The Liberty Slots Mobile Casino gives players so much value for their money and so many benefits that enhance the time the player is at the casino and also increases the value of the money he invests in the casino. At this casino that is available for all types of mobile devices there are plenty of bonuses to enjoy, an incredible Rewards Club, secure ways to place bets and withdraw winnings and with all these added benefits there are also new games added on a regular basis.

The Research and Production of New Slots

New games are not developed overnight, it takes months of research and technical development to provide the players with fantastic games. The researchers look into different ideas based on current trends and from there work on new games with new ideas and styles. The new slots have extra features that include wilds, special bonuses, free spins and on and off screen bonuses. The new games are introduced to the casino with a bonus or a welcome offer for the game that will draw the player to the game and allow him to try it out in preferred conditions. The new games compliment all of the existing games and add to the wide and excellent choice that is offered to players at the casino.

Amazing Bonuses and Promotions

With every game that is offered the player can take advantage of the many bonuses. The bonuses and promotions start with the welcome offer that matches the first deposit made up to the value of $777 and from then on, players receive hundreds of special offers and bonuses that they can choose from. There are bonuses for every day of the week and match up offers, free spins, cash backs and reloads and plenty of competitions too in the form of tournaments. The tournaments are a great way for the player to enjoy the casino games in real time but with a lower input of cash on their part. Players can choose from a list of daily, weekly and monthly tournaments that offer the player instant gaming. Some of the tournaments offer the player a pot, this is the sum of all of the entry fees paid by players and others offer the player a sum given by the casino. The tournaments are constantly updated with new tournaments detailed in the scheduled list.

Six Levels of Rewards Club

Apart from the promotions and special tournaments there is also a unique six level rewards club at the Liberty Slots Mobile Casino. Players enter at the initial amber level where they receives 10% cashback on all deposits made and many other promotions for every day of the week. The player continues to earn comp points and when he has earned 10000 points he progresses to the next level- Bronze. As a member of the bronze level the player receives 15% cashback on all deposits made in addition to many other benefits and bonuses for every day of the week. With 50000 points, the player progresses to the silver level where he receives 20% on all deposits made and all the other benefits. The gold level is entered with 100000 points and players receive 25% cash back on all deposits made in addition to many more promotions and bonuses and personal casino management. The top two levels of platinum and diamond offer players 30% and 35% cashback on all deposits made in addition to special bonuses and chances to win all sorts of prizes and even casino trips. Joining the rewards club is automatic and as the player works his way through the club he receives more and more benefits and bonuses that allow him to spend more time at the casino and enjoy more of the benefits of mobile gaming.

Secure and Easy Payments

Another benefit of the mobile casino is the ease of making payments. The casino offers a number of secure and instant deposit options that include also Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the most secure way of sending money to the casino. Players first need to establish a Bitcoin wallet and with this set up, they can start purchasing Bitcoin that can then be transferred directly to the mobile casino. Every transfer of Bitcoin is totally secure and fully encrypted and players do not have worry about anything thanks to the complex block chains and algorithms that make up the Bitcoins. This is one of the favored choices for making real money deposits and also withdrawing funds at the mobile casino. The Liberty Slots Mobile Casino makes it very easy for players to get the most out of the casino thanks to the many excellent bonuses, rewards and special features that this casino offers.