Luck of the Irish Slots

Good fortune is the most you can wish for when gaming at your favorite online casino. Luck of the Irish Slots really sets the mood for some fun gaming with its rainbow-colored background and extra large cartoon symbols. The unending green meadow in which the game is set elicits feelings of carefree joy, and the symbols rolling into place to deliver cash and prizes only adds to the serene feeling. It’s got 5 reels and a modest 10 paylines to keep things simple, while also providing an adequate number of ways to win. There’s a giddy leprechaun sitting atop the rainbow, with the proverbial pot of gold on the right end of the ‘bow.

There’s a betting range that you can really sink your teeth into; it affords players of all income classes a chance to get in the game. Feel free to put down as little as 0.10 pounds (British money) or as much as 500 pounds for you really big ballers. A great strategy that works for all income brackets is to be sure to play every single one of the 10 paylines, and vary your coin amount if you wish to preserve cash. This way, you can consistently make a dent in the statistics, thereby improving the actual chances you have of beating the House and tapping into the games RTP value of 95.05%.

Inside the game, you’ll get Bonus options that you can take advantage of without breaking a sweat. Such as the Free Spins Bonus, which can deliver anywhere between 5 Free Spins and a game-changing 265 Free Spins. You can literally play all night and day just with the free chances the game gives you; you’re almost certain to win something, then! The Scatter and Wild symbols play very special roles in Luck of the Irish Slots; the Scatter is the trigger for the Free Spins Bonus when three of them show up on the center reel. The Wild symbol, as always, replaces any other symbol (that’s why you’ll also see the Wild called the Substitute symbol in some other games) to help complete a winning payline. Along with the Multipliers they confer, you’ll be uncovering gold coin wins all over the place if you’ve placed a good bet and maximized the number payllines. The final benefit in this slot is the Fortune Spins Feature. The activation button is located to the left on the bottom of the game screen; pressing it will uncover an entirely new screen that brings up a new set of reels for your gaming pleasure. Who knows? Perhaps today, you have the Luck of the Irish on your side. Happy winning!