Cash Grab Slots

Cash Grab Slots is a 3 reel slot made by Wager Gaming (WGS), back when it used to be known as Vegas Technology. This single payline Classic has been around for quite some time, which is a testament to its staying power. The most you can bet on that line is three coins, which means that it’s a nice little diversion from the many bigger, more complicated and complex slots at this casino. You can really win a nice sum of cash here, enough to make a payment on a property or buy yourself some nice new things. Don’t expect to get filthy rich off of a Classic Slot of this variety; but that also means you won’t lose much if luck is not on your side at the moment you decide to play.

The betting options are varied - as they should be, in order to allow both modest spenders and higher rollers to play comfortably. You can put down as small an amount as a penny, or as much as $10; by playing all three paylines at once, the most you can bet per spin is $30. The symbols on the reels are Bags of Money, Cherries and Gold Bars - the usual when it comes to the Classic Slot. This is how you access the goods: Obtain a triple when it comes to the Bonus Symbols in the game - see the pay table - as well as some Cherries. This will get you the Bags of Money Bonus, which is definitely something to smile about.

At the maximum betting level, Cash Grab Slots can yield a 2,400 coin win when the three Wild symbols come up, which means a whopping $24,000 could be yours. Didn’t we tell you that this small game has a lot to offer? In fact, you don’t even need all three Wilds to appear to win big: just one Wild will still release a 4x multiplication of the winning prize if that Wild comes in a combination a couple of other high-paying symbols. For reference, the Wild symbol is represented by the Cash Grab Game Logo; it functions as a substitution symbol by replacing any other symbol in order to help the player complete a winning payline. It then doubles the award amount as a bonus.

There are no Scatter symbols in Cash Grab Slots, so there’s no need to worry about this complication. Give it a spin when you arrive at this online casino; it just might be what you needed tonight.