City of Gold Slots

Golden cities have long captured the imagination of many cultures from around the world. You’ll find mention of them in the great Tarzan works of author Edgar Rice Burroughs, as well as in the scribblings of long gone explorers. With City of Gold slots, you can experience the excitement of inching closer to real riches. This 5 reel Video slot has 20 fixed paylines, which means you can win in a number of different ways, with a number of different symbol arrangements on the reels. In particular, this gold rush themed slot investigates the Spanish gold adventures of the conquistadors, in a time before the long state was named California.

There is a lot to like about City of Gold Slots. It has a great look, nice symbols and many positive attributes that are built into the game in favor of the player, and not so much the Casino House. They’ve got enough money already, after all - now is your time to win. Gold dust adorns the background and is ever-present on the screen, to remind you what the sight of real money is - not the fiat currency that most governments use. This game lets you put real money to good use, and rewards the lucky gamer with many times your payline bet.

City of Gold - this one, at least - is located somewhere deep within the Amazon rainforest, where riches abound in such breathtaking quantity that you might swoon at the sight of it. There’s a digital uphill climb to get to the glaring, sun kissed game board to begin playing. The 5 x 3 setup should be familiar to anyone who’s played online slots for even a short amount of time. You can bet from a cent to $5 on each of the 20 fixed paylines if you wish, with a max wager of $100. The game’s bounty is an eye-opening $30,000 when the max numbers are played, including 6,000 coins. It is, truly, a City of Gold for the real money gamer. Download it soon.