Cool Bananas Slots

Cool Bananas is a five reel bonus video slot with a funny monkey thing that has 25 pay lines. There is a healthy range of point sizes that you can bet on each pay line, starting with one cent, five cents, $.25, $.50, one dollar, five dollars, and the highest amount $10 per payline. You can only bet single court line however; but with a maximum bet possible of tombs and $50, you can still be sitting pretty as compared to any other high-paying slot on which you can get lucky.

The symbols on the reels look like a clash between a zoo and the supermarket. You will find sunglasses, a house, a yellow banana, a pretty girl, some ice cream, the money monkey himself, and the upper card numbers from the table game poker. Although we will learn most of the details later, here's a precursor: there is a huge 100 X multiplier ability, as well as the ability to win up to 40 free spins in the Free Spins Feature Bonus round.

There are two primary symbols that should draw your attention in Cool Bananas Slot - the Banana symbol and the Mighty Monkey, as touched on in the above paragraph. The Monkey shows up on the 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th and final reels, whereas the banana appears on just the third. When the lucky combination manifest itself, you’re rewarded with bot the award and a nifty animation that consists of the monkey chowing down on the banana - just like they do in the wild! In fact, it is this particular combo that gives you access to the Bonus Feature, where all the Free Spins manifest themselves with reckless abandon. Oh - should you be so lucky!

Cool Bananas Slot can be played for free at your favorite online casino - in fact, this one has it all set up and ready for you on mobile or PC. Just head to the website and click the Instant Play option for access. If, however, you’re into using cash to win cash, then the software download option is the one you want. Get it, create a new account and receive casino money once you make a deposit of the appropriate amount (it’s written on the website). You’ll get some much needed starter cash to match your deposit commitment, and be well on your way to winning cool bananas and cash.