Triple 10x Wild Slots

Here we have for you a unique Classic Slot game that has a lot more going for it in the usual three reel single pay line Pokie. Triple 10 X Wild is a retro classic slot courtesy of wager gaming technology. It provides a smooth but hectic ride because of the clean graphics that are enhanced by frivolous gameplay. The main attraction of this type of slot is that, although it is confined to the online space, you could very well run into it in a land-based casino.

The visuals are pretty impressive, with rainbow splashes of color surrounding Golden Bell symbols, bars symbols, 3X icons, and red 7 symbols. There is also a pay table button, and autoplay button, a button that allows you to bed once, as well as a max play pushbutton. The total balance is listed at the bottom of the screen, and the total number of credits is to the right hand side of this. Familiarize yourself with the command bar in order to get maximum enjoyment out of this classic slot.

Using the games three reels and the one middle pay line, you want to line up any of the same symbols in order to access the cash prizes that are available. You can bet any number from 1 to 3, inclusive, when it comes to credits her single spin. On the command bar you can see the plus and minus buttons that allow you to increase or decrease the number of credits you wish to bet. All in all Triple 10 X Wild slots provide you with a more than adequate number of ways to win for such a small game. The triple cherries, dollar icon, or triple bar symbols, can lend you a maximum of 45 credits - assuming you bet the maximum number of credits per line before you hit the spin button.

On the trailing end, the red sevens and the golden Bell symbols. These do not appear as often on the reels, and can deliver anywhere from 25 to 8 grand 150 credits if you land them in the correct number combinations. As you can see, Triple 10 X Wild Classic slots is a worthwhile investment for those who wish to play for real cash prizes. Download the casino software and try your hand today. Or, alternatively, head to the casino and game the night away using the Free Play mode without creating an account and spending money.