Triple Flamin 7's Slots

Triple Flamin’ 7s Slot is one of those that has it all. It’s a Classic with just 3 reels and 1 payline, but that hasn’t stopped it from being right smack in the mix when it comes to the most-played games in the slots section of this casino. The reason for this has, perhaps, something to do with the Multipliers, Wild symbols and jackpots scattered throughout the slot. Game with as little as a cent or as much as $20 per spins using multiple coins on the single payline. Wait until you get a load of the jackpot waiting for you when you hit on the right combinations: it’s $40,000 in pure cash!

You’ll find out everything you need by referencing the pay tables; and yes, you heard right - there are two pay tables. Depending on the number of coins you choose to wager, one or the other pay table is activated and determines what the symbols are worth. Our advice? Go with the two coin pay table since the rewards are much higher, but the cost of doing so is only modestly higher. This assumes you’re a real money player, of course; if you just want to game for fun, choose slots that have the Instant Play option so you can play them without downloading the casino software.

Speaking of the jackpot, don’t you want to know how much it is? The top amount is 4,000 coins for the risk-happy gamers who play the double coin option with the corresponding pay table. For the single coin option, there’s just 1,500 coins available as the greatest payout amount. The amount that you can win shows a big decline as the numbers die down - it is, after all, a 3 reel slot and so there’s little wiggle room with just a single payline and all. 300 coins is nothing to turn your nose up at; but nor is it anything to sell the house over and go jet setting around the world. For a nice night of online casino gaming, however, it is quite a lot of money.

As you can see, the lucky number 7 features prominently in Triple Flamin’ 7s Slot. All the six symbols have this number somewhere in their iconography, and getting three of any of these symbols promises a prize. The amount of this prize varies as displayed by the pay table inside the game, which is always available for reference. Download and play for money if you dare.