Turkey Shoot Wild X Slots

Turkeys are usually associated with Thanksgiving but in this slots game they are associated with pure fun and lots of winning payouts. This is a simple three reel slots game that has one payline. Players can place one, two or three coins per spin and choose coin sizes that range from $0.01 up to $5 giving the maximum bet possible at $15.

Incredible Turkey Multipliers

Symbols in this game include bars, bells, cherries, dollar signs, sevens and the very special wild multiplying symbols in addition to a unique turkey symbol that only appears on reel 3. When this turkey symbol does appear on reel 3, the player is treated to a bonus game and can win up to 500 coins by shooting different turkeys in the game. The wild symbols are both the 2x wild and the 5x wild. Both offer multiplying payouts when appearing on the screen and when two of the 5x multiplier turkey symbols appear on the screen, the player is awarded a 25x multiplier with a 5x and a 2x, the player benefits from a 10x multiplier. But best of all is when two of the 5x multipliers and a 2x multiplier land on the payline together. In this case the player wins the highest payouts. With a single coin bet he wins 5000 coins, a two coin bet awards him 10000 coins and a three coin bet awards him 15000 coins. Turkeys have never been so popular and generous!