Funky Chicks Slots

Who would ever think that a game that seems to be named after smelly poultry would gain such traction? Well, that’s what we have in Wager Gaming Technology’s Funky Chicks Slots, which is a 5 reel, 25 payline video slot that actually has nothing to do with smelly flightless birds; it concerns the fact that they can dance. There are a host of awesome options available in the farmhouse barnyard, such as free spins, multipliers and prizes that are doubled in value with the appearance of the special symbols. But what does it look like, and what are some of the enticing specifics of the game?

Well, the graphics are clearly inspired by the zaniness of cartoons. All of the symbols are drawn in this fashion, with the dog, farmer, fowl, hens, roosters and poker symbols represented in the same fashion. The background scenery reminds one of the countryside, where the backbone of America still toils to feed the nation. It is with the lower and middle classes in mind that, perhaps, the wagering range for this game was created: you can place as little as $0.25 per spin in total, and as much as $250 if you’ve got the cash and confidence to spare. That amounts to a penny per payline at least, and $10 per payline at the most.

The way to win here is to have multiple similar symbols land on the reels simultaneously. Since the symbols each have different fundamental values, there are certain combinations that pay out more than others - but you’re a winner regardless if you get several of the same. For example, a triple appearance of the farmer and the dog together unveils a 200x your bet payout - no matter where they show up. The chickens, on the other hand, have to appear on the first and second reels in order to deliver a paying win. The smaller, baby chicken pays you anywhere from two to 500 coins, and the most valuable single icon is Funky Jr.; he pays a whopping 1000x your coin bet.

The most you can expect from the game is an impressive 5000x payout, with the x referring to the coin value you chose at the beginning of that particular game. This comes courtesy of the Mother Hen Wild symbol, and is, of course, the major goal of real money players. To top off all the great features, there’s a Free Spins Bonus Round that really pulls you into the game with the prizes it offers - primarily, extra chances at winning something big. Download the software to experience farm life on the reels with Funky Chickens Slot in the comfort of your own home or on the go on a mobile device that uses the Android or the iOS operating system.