Wheel of Chance 3 Reel Slots

A Classic Slot with a background that is modeled after the famous TV show, Wheel of Fortune; Wheel of Chance is an even more fun way to stack up the dollars. Anyone can play this as long as they are of age; just sign up to the online casino and download the software to make a deposit. This WGS (Wager Gaming Tech) slot has traditional written all over it, with the exception that it’s a Video Slot with a single payline can be played online. Why would you want to play this Classic among all the 3 reel Slots available at this casino? Well, because this one uncharacteristically has a Bonus Game. As any veteran of the casino gaming scene knows, this significantly increases your chances of winning the prizes in the game.

You can put up anywhere between $0.01 and $10 here; the max amount you can win is called the jackpot and is worth an amazing 2,400 coins for such a modest-sized slot. You’ve got to play the biggest allowed number of coins to tap into this sum, though. The Multiplier Wild symbols and Wheel of Chance Bonus Feature should be of great help here; the 1,000x bet multiple is one of the major reasons that players keep on coming back to this one. Don’t fret about winning the big one in a sort of all-or-nothing attempt though; there are regular payouts from this liberal slot that consists of four coins just for landing a cherry symbol on the center row, or up to 160 coins for landing a triplet of red seven symbols. The Gold bars also pay out - see the rundown in the game itself, to find out what pays what. It’s called the paytable.

Wheel of Chance Slots is just how we like them sometimes: no frills on the graphics end, but a lot of intriguing gameplay in a nice-sized slot that is a straight shooter with the winning combinations. The most important symbol is the Wheel of Chance Game Sign, and is similar to all the other Classic Slots in Wager Gaming Technology’s arsenal of casino games. Remember; in order to tap into all that this slot has to offer, play all three coins so that the special Bonus Feature can be activated once you get on a roll. The smallest amount you can win in the Bonus round is 5x your initial bet; the most is 1,000x your bet. If there’s only one Classic Slot you check out while you’re here - let this be the one.